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EDGE fully reinforced saddlebags, 1 kB

Ghost Brackets earn 100% rider approval rating!

What better way to measure the quality and design of your products then to have them tested by the riders them selves?

CAO Distributing, Inc. is proud to announce that Ghost Brackets have been tested by the Motorcycle Riders Club of America and have earned their approval rating at 100% as featured in the MRCA section for the Rider Magazine.

Here is what some of the members who tested our products have to say:

Brooks Rayborne, Laughlin, NV:
"I don’t see how the Ghost Brackets could be made better. The best features are the easy off, easy on access, plus they lock with a key.”

Eddie Asberry, Washburn, TN:
“The installation instructions are easy to follow and everything fits perfectly. The quick release is a great feature to have with saddlebags.”

We thank all members of the MRCA for their support and confidence in our products.

Welcome to

 Ghost Brackets are a quick release saddlebag system that allows you to put on or take off your saddlebags in roughly two seconds!

Saddlebags are an essential part of your motorcycle, but with all the functions and flexibility they bring to the table, saddlebags also make it extremely difficult to achieve the simplest tasks such as cleaning your bike, doing basic maintenance, or simply bringing your luggage with you into the hotel room when you reach your destination.

If these things sound familiar, you'll be relieved to know that we have the most advanced, forward thinking solution on the market today. Ghost Brackets give you all the benefits of having the saddlebags on your bike in a secure and convenient matter, as well as the ability to take them off with a turn of a key when you need to take off. More so, our system leaves your bike looking showroom clean with no bulky supports left on your fender rails, so you can sport that rear end whenever you don't need to use your saddlebags.

The Ghost Brackets quick release saddlebag system is easy to install and, once installed, no tools are needed to remove your saddlebags.


Ghost Brackets are installed by removing the two bolts from your fenders and replacing the two bolts with the Ghost Brackets' bolts and stainless steel slotted bracket supports called "keepers". The Ghost Brackets are then bolted on to your saddlebag and simply slide right onto the keepers. Lock the key and away you go!


Ghost Brackets give you the security and peace of mind knowing your bags are safe, as removing them makes all worries disappear. Your bike keeps its show room look while still keeping its functionality and purpose. Use your saddlebags for more than looks and bring your important travel gadgets, knowing you can easily remove them for safe keeping. Ghost Brackets could very well be the greatest invention for any serious motorcycle enthusiast.

Ghost Brackets installed with bags off

Ghost Brackets installed with bags on

Ghost Brackets features:

  • Fast installation and removal
  • No tools required
  • Secure lockable system to keep your bags safe
  • Your bike keeps its showroom look while your bags are off
  • Completely adjustable system  (NEW)
  • Once mounted, the bags can be moved on most bike models front to back without re-drilling holes in the saddlebags  (NEW)
  • In most cases, the G3 Ghost Brackets can be moved and adopted from one bike to another without purchasing a completely new set. Only a bolt and keeper kit for the new bike may be required.  (NEW)
  • Top quality design and fabrication with attention to every detail for a superior product 


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